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Hey the gamers! I am back now on this page with a gift for you. If you are looking it tough to go to the shop to get your Play Station repaired. “OR” you want to play the PSP games on your iOS device then you have landed on the right page.

On this page, I have come with an application which is about to the trend for the gamers works like Emulator, Mobile booster and a lot of other purposes.

ePSXe iOS is the name of this app and here you will find all about this app. So let us star from the basics that

What is ePSXe iOS?

ePSXe is an application to run all the play station’s games on the other operators e.g. Androids, iOS devices and Desktops.

You can use this app for the several purposes like for the boosting your device, for the fast emulation of the games and all assistances to the games.

This is the basic, Now I am going to given all about this app in the below outlines. So, let’s start from the

Features of ePSXe iOS

In general, there are lot of features that this app provides to a user. Mostly the gamer launch this app for the emulation of the PSP games. Moreover you can also use this app for the good quality of the graphics.

If there is an issue with the game’s sound then you can also use this app. This app is designed very well in the way that any one can use it easily.

Here are the outskirts features of this app. You will be wounder after read all them. So let us read the bullets.

  • This app is available on all the easy sources for the iOS devices.
  • You can get your devices boosted by using this app.
  • There are so many extra tools are given to customize the games.
  • A well designed app is also the features of this app.
  • This app is very easy to use and install in any device.

These bullets are regarding the highlights by this app. I have discussed a lot of features in the last content. Go back to read all them.

Does ePSXe iOS Exist?

This is counter question you may thinking. This app is available for the iOS devices and you can get it from the iOS build easily.

Tap on the ink to download the ePSXe iOS.

Download ePSXe iOS

Alternatives to the ePSXe iOS

There are so many alternatives available for this app but the most popular are listed in the bullets. Choose the app which you takes easy to use.

  • RetroArch: if you are an iOS user then you may know this app. This app is best option for the emulation of the PSP games.
  • OpenEmu:  if there is any problem with the sound of the games then this app is very best for you.
  • Happy Chick: You can use this app for the better quality of the graphics. This is also available free of cost.


ePSXe iOS is a best app to run the PSP games on your devices. This app is available for the Androids, iOS devices an Desktops. If you are an Android user then tap on the link and get this app for Androids.

ePSXe Apk for the Androids

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