How to install Blackmart Apk? In Android Smart-Phones Easily

Hey the Android users! Do you live to play the games? And want to get all the paid games or other apps free of cost? Surely you wants. (Hmm..)

Sometimes it happens that we leave all that apps which are our favorites. Surely due to this that we have to make a purchase for them.

On this page i have come with Blackmart app which is well designed and well functioned app. This app is of a great use in the present days but the main function is its free-paid apps.

This app provides all the paid or premium version of the apps free of cost with fulfilling nay purchase.

Last time, I have provided the basics of this app including “What is Blackmart Apk ?” and also the “Features of Blackmart Apk”.

In the Now content i am going to describe the full method to install this app step by step.

Steps to Install Blackmart Apk?

For the easiness, i have made the three steps to download and install the Blackmart Apk properly. Go ahead and read it.

Step 1. Enable Installation

This step is very necessary to install the Blackmart app in the Androids. The strict security system of the Android doesn’t allow to install any third party app.

Surely you will be thinking that what is third part app? its mean that the app from any other source then the Google Play Store.

Whatever, lets come to the point and switch on the unknown resources option from the settings. Following are the steps to Switch on the unknown resources

  • First of all, tap on the “settings” icon.
  • On the page find “security” option.
  • Open it and scroll down the next page.
  • Tap on the “Unknown Sources” option.

Till now, we have completed the first step. Let’s move to the second

Step 2. Download the Blackmart Apk

This is too much easy step, in which you just have to download the Apk file of the Blackmart app. Tao in the link to get the Apk file of this app directly

Download Blackmart Apk

Step 3. Install the Blackmart Apk

The following bullets are to install the Blackmart Apk in you Android device.

  • Open the “File Manager”of your Androids.
  • Go to the “Path” where you have downloaded the Apk file.
  • Tap in the Apk file and you will find the a pop-up.
  • Tap on the “Next” and at lats, tap on “Install ” button.

This app will be installing there and just wait till complete installation.


Blackmart is very popular application to use as alternating the Google Play Store. This app supports multiple operators including the Androids and iOS devices.

To install this app in the iOS devices Tap on the link.Get the Blackmart for iPhone 

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