Download My Boy iOS + Features of this App

Hey, folks if you are looking for an emulator to play the game in your iOS device then you have reached the exact page. My Boy is the name of the emulator which is now a need of every user. This app comes with countless features in it. I am going to guide you how to run this app on the iOS devices. So keep reading the full content.

What is My Boy iOS?

My Boy is a very popular fully-featured application to get the fast emulation in a little time and iOS is the iPhone version of this app. Now you can get BIOS emulation by this app along with the high graphical results.  You can play any game in your device by this app. it is very pleasant new for the iOS users that this app exists for the iPhone and iPads. You will know its significance after reading the features which are given below.

Features of My Boy iOS

My Boy app is rich featured app. This app contains a lot of useful features including the Battery saver, Ads Skipper, Cheat provider and a lot of other. In the below bullets all the features of this app are given. So keep reading.

  • My Boy iOS is freed available on the official site mean you can get the services of this app without paying any penny.
  • This app acts as a game booster by which you can play the heavy games without hanging.
  • We can also get the cheats of the games by this app.
  • This app provides BIOS emulation along with SL and GL graphics.
  • The neat and clean friendly interference is available in this app.

Does My Boy iOS exist?

My Boy GBA is a very interesting app to get fast emulation but it is very unpleasant news for the iOS users that this app is not available for the iOS devices. You have needed to buy a PC or an Android to enjoy its services. If you have a PC then read the given instruction to download and install My Boy in it.


My Boy is the latest app for the Androids to get the BIOS emulation. This app is the best choice for the game lovers and also is a need. This app provides us with countless features. If you want to play the old games then it is the highly recommended app.

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