What is Nova Launcher Apk? Everything You Need to Know About the Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher Apk

Hey folks! as you already know that I always come with the latest interesting apps on my sites. Same as this, on this site I have brought an application which is about to tread of the Android users.

Nova Launcher is the app which is basically developed for the easiness of the Android user for handling all the customizations and apps better. Surely you have an Android phone.

Sometimes, it happens that we find tough to launch all the services of your device e.g. If you want to check the WhatsApp messages of any person instantly then you have to first launch the WhatsApp first.

In the next step, you will find the profile of the person and then open and will read. Instead it, this app allows a user to create the shortcut of the profile of that person directly on the desktop.

This app comes with a lot of features which are now in common use. In this content, we are going to read the basics and the ways to get this app.

What is Nova Launcher Apk?

Nova Launcher is an application which highly belongs to the personalization and the customization of your Android. This app allows its user to create the shortcuts, set the themes, managing the apps and a lot of interesting things.

This is the app that let manage all the settings and apps of your device with your way. There are so may feature provides to this app. I have listed a few of them in the next outline.

Features of Nova Launcher Apk

Nova Launcher Apk is a very interesting application belongs from the personalizes of your Android. This app is ratting more than 5.0 on the Google Play Store.

You can get this app free of cost and can do a lot of customizations and settings with this app. This app comes with countless features but the more popular are listed below.

  • This app is available on the Google Play Store free of cost.
  • You can make your graphics quality better by this app.
  • Crash and bug-free report app means you have no to reinstall.
  • Customizes the layouts, folders, and icons on the screen.

How to Download Nova Launcher Apk?

Nova Launcher Apk is very easy to get and there are a lot of easy sources available to get it. On the Androids, the Google Play Store is a very easy and popular way to et any app.

This app is available on it with its both versions Premium and regular. You can also get this app from our site.

Download Nova Launcher Apk


Nova Launcher Apk is an application which belongs from the customization and personalizes of your Android. The are dozens of features provides to this app. Some of them are free of cost while others are available in the paid version.


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